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A handmade warm Aran wool jumper tailored for greyhounds.  Made from a cream wool mix, this jumper showcases decorative traditional Aran patterning from neck to tail.  With a high polo neck, buttoned flap that does up at the side and an adjustable strap between the front legs, this jumper will keep your greyhound cosy, snug and stylish.  


Each jumper is made to order and to fit your dog's unique measurements.


To make this jumper I will need your dog's length from the bottom of the neck to the top of the tail and the measurement around the widest part of the chest just behind the front legs, preferably in centimetres for accuracy.


This jumper takes three entire days to make so there will be a wait between ordering and completion but the wait will be worth it!


This jumper is also available for whippets in the whippet collection (back length of 59cm and under).


To order go to to order or scan the QR code in the pictures above


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